It is with the greatest joy we announce that our family has made it to the 50% mark in our monthly fundraising goal! Praise God! With that being said, we are setting new goals and continuing on with eager anticipation as to how God will work in the coming months. We've set some goals and are praying to be at 80% by October so we can attend the month long pre-field training near Asheville, NC. Our goal is reach Stockton-on-Tees at the beginning of the new year!

In other news, God has been answering prayer here in our simple way of living in our front yard! I am writing a post dedicated to how God is moving and what we are doing, but until it's all done, I'll just recap it quickly. God has been bringing folks to our yard, expanding our friends in the neighborhood and making old things new and beautiful. Our front yard is now a gorgeous oasis of light and beauty and we are excited to have more summer meals, parties, and conversations around the new rock patio.

In family news…


We have nearly half of monthly funds for ministry in England! We are just ONE $65 a month partner away from reaching our 50% goal and stepping into the next phase of fundraising. I can't wait to see how God will do this. It's been such an awesome experience to be able to watch God provide and fill our cups. It's always on His timing, but we are learning (slowly) that His way is always best.  So here's to nearly there and the "so close" - May we be able to celebrate the half way mark  as a family very soon!!! Praying to fill this cup quickly so we can sign up for pre-field training that's happening in August. 


April has come and gone - can you believe it!? We've been gone so long I haven't even had a chance to change our calendars over yet. It was a big month of travel for us. We went to MI and spent about 10 days fundraising through the Midwest, from the east side of MI all the way down into Indiana. We had the incredible chance to share with many new faces through small groups and church presentations. It was wonderful to share our hearts and meet new folks.  While the travel wasn't for the whole month of April (just the last few weeks), we spent the beginning of the  month enjoying spring in NC! We planted our garden, enjoyed our Easter, had some wondeful evenings out front with our neighbors, were thrilled to watch M get baptized and had our first bonfire and family camp-out!