{Medical Updates}

As we start the second month of this new year, I wanted to take a few moments to update everyone on our medical situations. Seems like 2019 is going to be the year of the doctors in our household, or will at least begin with seeing various kinds of them.

We will begin at the top of the chain and work our way down...

Tim - had to have an emergency dental appt. at the start of the month and was informed of some bad cavities that would need to be filled asap. This week he went in for those fillings, and is feeling much better! It does look as tho he has some more, so we are are figuring our finances for those visits and procedures.

Myself - As many of you know, I have been diagnosed with SVT and PVC's. SVT is a form of...ya know what I'll let you click on the link and have Wikipedia explain that for me! Trust me, it'll be easier. PVC's are irregular heartbeats that don't really stick around, they just pop in and out and make me feel odd when it happens. Nothing too se…


We had a great first month of 2019.
We had visitors the first week, an adventurous family day in Charleston, sunshine, and time with friends. Overall it was a very fun and memorable month.
Here's some snapshots from January....

{2018 REVIEW}

How do you boil down one year and pick just a few favorite happenings? This year ROCKED. It was difficult and made me bone weary at times, but man, can I look back and see how God strengthened and helped me through. The countless times my prayers were answered, and how amazingly He provided for our needs at just the right moment. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it and rereading the moments in my journals. But I am hopeful that those stories and memories will pull me through yet another year of unknowns. Praying that I remember and dwell on His promises and how He's worked in the past. It's a beautiful thing that I don't want to forget! The bills that were paid by refund checks that just happened to show up, the many generous folks He used to help us out with health bills, and watching God move us from 30% to nearly 45% in less then 6 months! WOW! Looking forward to another year and anxiously awaiting what He will do! For now... let's take a look back on our year…